Corporate Governance

Member of the Board

  Non-executive Directors
  Dong Haoran (Chairman)
  Jiang Juncheng

Executive Directors
  Ma Yuchuan (Vice chairman)
  Liu Hongzhou (Managing Director)

Independent Non-executive Directors
  Chan Kay Cheung
  Qiu Hongsheng
  Chow Chan Lum

Remuneration and Nomination Committee 1
Qiu Hongsheng (Chairman)
Chan Kay Cheung
Chow Chan Lum
Ma Yuchuan

Audit Committee 2
Chan Kay Cheung (Chairman)
Qiu Hongsheng
Chow Chan Lum

The principal responsibilities of the remuneration and nomination committee includes reviewing the remuneration policy and the remuneration of directors and senior management, reviewing the structure, size and composition of the Board, and assessing the suitability and qualification of any proposed director candidate and making recommendations to the Board for the approval of the same.

The audit committee provides an independent review and supervision of financial reporting, and examines the effectiveness of the internal controls of the Group and ensuring the external auditor are independent and the effectiveness of the audit process. The audit committee examines all matters relating to the accounting principles and policies adopted by the Group, auditing functions, internal controls, risk management and financial reporting.


Electronic Download
Terms of Reference of Remuneration and Nomination Committee(PDF)
Terms of Reference of Audit Committee(PDF)
Procedures for Shareholders to Propose a Person for Election as a Director(PDF)